Reiki is a universal love and light that works as a divine link between one’s spiritual conscience and the supreme spiritual soul of the universe.

This is a practice that helps people heal the soul of oneself as well as others. It helps people recognize their natural ability to heal through loving touch. The best thing about Reiki is that is always works for the positive of the practitioner without causing any harm.

Bhagsu Yoga is a well-known Yoga Teacher Training centre in Dharamshala that also offers professional Reiki course. It is one of the best places if you are looking for Reiki course in Dharamshala. Experienced Reiki trainers teach you the effective technique of healing body and mind. The course offered by us can be joined by aspiring teachers as well as the people interested in working with them for a better health. Bhagsu Yoga offers Reiki courses of various durations for students with different needs.

How you get benefited by learning Reiki from Bhagsu Yoga