Vinyasa yoga

“The Sanskrit word Vinyasa comes from a prefix vi, which means variation, and a suffix, nyasa, which means ‘within prescribed parameters.’”

The meaning of the vinyasa is progressive in a special way. As per the development in the last century, Vinyasa has become a young form of yoga and this is the reason why there is a great demand for yoga teachers all over the world. Vinyasa yoga is a rich source to get a pleasing personality with accurate flexibility, strength, and presence of mind.

Bhagsu Yoga presents certified and professional yoga teachers training program in Dharamshala for vinyasa yoga. This special teachers training program is certified with the yoga alliance and provides you an opportunity to make your carrier as a certified vinyasa yoga teacher.

At Bhagsu Yoga, we cover followings under vinyasa training program.

  • Techniques and practice

    To teach all Vinyasa techniques in an easy way we cover basic, advanced and intermediate courses. Also, we provide complete guidance and self-practice of traditional vinyasa yoga. Adjustment and alignment are the main aspects. Under this course, we cover Contemporary vinyasa yoga, yogic anatomy, meditation, pranayama, and posturing. Here at Bhagsu Yoga, we focus on group work and Karma yoga.

  • Asana practice

    We train our yoga teachers with warm-up exercises, asana practice, posturing in and out, finishing and relaxing and much more we cover under our professional Yoga teacher training programs. Along with the above-mentioned topics, we also benefit our students by covering all aspects of teaching methodology, Anatomy and physiology, philosophy, ethics and lifestyle, and practicum.