Yoga Therapy

Nowadays, science has also started accepting that Yoga therapy can treat different issues such as depression and anxiety. In addition to this, it can also be used as a prevention and maintenance technique for a healthy body.

Yoga therapy, as the name, suggests this is a therapy through different yoga postures, meditation, breathing exercises, and guided imagery.

As Bhagsu Yoga, in addition to Yoga Teacher Training, we also teach Therapeutic yoga to help people get a healthy body and mind. Whether you want to join the Yoga Therapy program in Dharamshala for your personal health benefits or to become a professional yoga trainer, our course is perfect for all purposes. Our inherently holistic approach to teaching yoga therapy helps learners work on their body, mind, and spirit. In today’s stressful lives, where depression and anxiety are common, yoga therapy is the only way to get a peace of mind.

Bhagsu Yoga offers a residential yoga therapy course in Dharamshala for those who want to learn to heal themselves by regularly practicing Yoga therapy. Carefully designed course by the experienced teachers equips participants with the skills to use right asanas to get rid of various health problems by practicing the art of yoga. Students also get time for self-practice under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Components of Yoga Therapy course at Bhagsu Yoga: