100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

This 100-hour yoga teacher training program has been specially designed for Yoga lovers who want to get professional training to not just practice the art but also to train others. The 100-hour course includes practice and professional training of Yin Yoga, Chakra Balancing Techniques, Yoga Nidra and Meridian Yoga with Acupressure, among other Yoga Asans.

Our Yoga training programmes are focused on proper alignment, anatomical awareness and education. We don’t just want to provide teacher training but holistic training using which you can help other people get better health. We not just help you some asanas but also help you learn all aspects of the yogic lifestyle.

Experienced teachers at Bhagsu Yoga Yoga Centre equip trainees with the systematic knowledge and understanding of different yogic tools to heal bodies and minds. Our 100-hour yoga teacher training course in Dharamshala has been designed with a perfect combination of different Asanas, Meditation, MFR and Pranayama.